Why You Need To Push Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Do you want to get what you want from life? Do you have unfulfilled goals?

Well, you can’t achieve anything unless you can get out of your comfort zone.

Your comfort zone, as the name suggests, is making you comfortable. Comfort does not mean success or failure – it’s just stagnancy. That’s why the best people suggest hard work – not comfort. It is hard work that will finally enable you to get ahead of others and succeed in what you want to do.

But first, you have to get out of your comfort zone and you have to do that fast. Because if it gets too late, then you will burn yourself out. The time for getting out of your comfort zone will be over.

Here is why you need to get out of your comfort zone:

1. Nowhere To Go

Being in a comfort zone will not help you to get anywhere. This is especially true for creative people – for artists. You have to experiment and you have to pair that with hard work. Remember, unless you can break something down and rebuild it in a different way, again and again, you cannot be called a ‘creator’.

Lorne Lanning, a game developer, and an artist, has said that “creators have to push themselves beyond their limits.” They are some of the most hardworking folks out there. So, even if your bed calls you, don’t give in. Give your all to work.

2. Discovering The Gift

We all have some talent, some gift. But it’s not like that talent will speak to us and make us do something. We need to discover that talent within us. But you cannot discover anything if you are lying around and doing nothing. Or if you are doing the same thing you hate but are comfortable doing it again and again. You have to expand your mind. You must get out of your comfort zone and enter into uncharted lands. Who knows what you will discover there – within yourself.

3. Helping People

If you work really hard, then you will end up helping people. How? Well, for starters, you will become an icon of inspirations. Aspiring artists will look up to you, understand your schedule and try to imitate you. They want to be like you. On the other hand, if you become successful, you will get a financial boost. Once you get that, you can help a poor person or start a charity of your own.

4. No Sense of Accomplishment

When you are in your comfort zone, you are living your life on the rewind button. Every tomorrow looks like the yesterday that has gone by. But you are afraid to sacrifice. We can understand – sacrifice takes a lot of courage. And that why we are asking you to make that sacrifice. Dedicate yourself to work – work hard. Bring yourself to a mindset where nothing can stop you from doing any work. Find accomplishment in whatever you do.

5. Your Achievements Are Measured

When you become comfortable in what you do, you tend to get complacent. You are satisfied. You do not push yourself. You have limited achievements and for you, that’s all that matters. You do not want more. But your achievements can be immeasurable. All you need to do is push yourself. You don’t need to live the American Dream – it is a lie. You need to live YOUR dream. Make YOUR dream your ambition. It will be hard. No one said it was easy. All we said was it is possible. Possible for you.

If you do love what you desire, strive to make it happen. Staying in your comfort zone will not bring you that. You have to take the risk. You have to build the courage and step outside that circle that you have made – the circle of the comfort zone. Step out and do what you love.

You know the world needs your contribution too.