Your cat can teach you these essential life lessons


Did you know your cat can teach you some important lessons about life?

When we are really young, we tend to learn a lot of things from nature. We pick up small clues from natural events happening all around us, like how the bird makes its nest or how the squirrel scurries away when it perceives an incoming threat. We are well-connected with the world around us.

But as we grow up, we take up more responsibilities about life and forget the connection that we had with nature. But it is important to keep that connection if you really want to grow, both spiritually and mentally.

If you have a pet, especially a pet cat, you can learn a lot of things from them. The famous poet, T.S. Eliot loved cats – he even wrote a book called ‘Cats’. That’s because he knew the specialty of cats and had observed them for quite some while. If you observe cats, you too can learn certain small things which can help you immensely in life:

1. Curiosity

Cats are very curious. They are not scared of anything but they approach with positivity and caution. Always be curious about new things and learn more.

2. Physical Touch

Cats love to rub themselves on your legs or touch you some way or another. Physical touch is so important – it helps you be happy and feel desired. Accepted.

3. Rest

You must have seen how many times your cat just falls asleep. Well, there is a reason for that. It knows how important rest is. So, do not deprive yourself of rest. Spend time in the sun too.

4. Gratitude

If your cat loves something you do, it will express gratitude with its silent purring. Thanking is always important. Be grateful to others if they do something good for you.

5. Stretch

Exercise is important for your body. So, stretch your limbs and let the blood flow.

6. Present Matters

Your cat does not live in the past or is worried about the future – it lives in the present. The present is all that matters – make the most out of it.

7. Play

Life without any playing is just useless – so, try to enjoy. Play more. Be active.

8. Be Happy

Never let sorrow take over you. Always be happy – play, eat well, be healthy and find a cozy place to sleep. What else do you need?

9. Wisdom

Your intuition is your ultimate guide. Don’t let it go to waste. Always listen to it.

10. Unafraid

Cats are not afraid of anything. They live as if they have nine lives. Have you seen how many of them just jump off roofs without caring about their bones or lives? Don’t be afraid – just take the leap. Don’t let fear of anything hold you back. It’s like the Batman Dark Knight Rises scene – take the leap. Even if you fear, let that motivate you.

Let your cat teach you wonderful things about life!