Only 1 in 5 get this simple riddle right – you’re going to have to think about it!


Who doesn’t love the challenge of solving a riddle?

They can be great to test your ability to think outside the box and also an opportunity to boast to your friends how extraordinarily clever you are! If you get it right.

This particular riddle has had internet users scratching their heads recently – and only approximately 20% of people get it right first time.

The below brainteaser is a tricky one – you might need to spend a good few minutes thinking about it before the answer comes to you.

Here is the riddle:

A bathtub is full of water. You have a spoon, a cup, and a hose. What is the quickest way to empty the bathtub? You can only use one method.

Think about it for a few minutes, then once you have decided on your method, scroll down for the answer.

It might seem like it should be simple, but with only 1 in 5 adults getting it right, it might be more challenging that it seems.


The answer is: pull the plug!

Nobody said that you had to use the spoon, the cup or the hose – the fastest way to empty the bathtub is to simply pull the plug!

Did you solve it first time?

If so, well done, you are one of the smarter ones! If not, don’t worry, you’re in the majority.

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