Study shows us that twins can communicate with “telepathy”


There seems to be a real but undetectable string that connects twins. When one twin is in a bad situation, the other can quickly sense it.

One afternoon in March 2009, a young girl named Gemma was playing in her bedroom when suddenly in her mind entered a strong sense that something terrible was happening to her twin sister Leanne.

At that time Leanne had been taking a bath upstairs, and when Gemma felt this overwhelming sense of danger she went to the bathroom to check on Leanne to find her face down, motionless, in the bathtub.

Gemma quickly pulled Leanne out and administered first aid, saving her life. According to the doctor, if Gemma had discovered Leanne a minute later it would have been impossible to save her.

This story was widely shared and the general consensus has been that Leanne sent an “SOS message” to her sister, and Gemma received it.

In 1982, Harbin Medical University conducted a study with 40 sets of twins and discovered a similar situation with a pair of twin sisters.

In this instance the elder sister was taking an exam at school when she felt the onset of a headache and began to feel increasingly nauseous, due to excessive stress. At the same time the younger sister was at the cinema watching a movie and had to leave the theatre half way through the movie due to an intense headache and nausea.

And in yet another case, the youngest of a pair of twin sisters had to go to hospital for an abortion, while the elder twin was at home working. At the time of the abortion the elder sister reported feeling a pain in her abdomen, and the pain remained until her young sister returned home from the surgery. There was no obvious explanation for the cause of pain the younger sister was feeling.

Is it “telepathy”?

There have been many other reports of similar situations involving twins experiencing similar sensations at the same time when they are apart. But does that mean that telepathy exists between twins? That term could be used loosely to explain the phenomenon.

This phenomenon tends to occur mostly between twins of the same gender. Observations have shown that most surveyed twins show signs of such “telepathy”.

The existence of this tends to relate closely to genetic code, as well as physiological and biochemical aspects. It tends to occur more in identical twins, where the twins have identical skin color, body shape, intelligence, hobbies, food preferences, fears, and many more aspects. If they live together or in places that have similar living conditions they are likely to develop the same diseases at the same time.

Such phenomena has taken place in many countries around the world, and it has been well documented in books, such as “Twins Telepathy” which researched a lot of unexplained situations involving twins.

However, the answer as to how and why this phenomenon occurs still remains a mystery.