Dog dies suffocating on common household object, owner sends us all a warning


On a typical midweek morning in March, Christina Young left for work and had no idea that when she kissed her pup Petey goodbye, it would be the last time she would see him alive.

The woman from Texas, while dealing with her heartbreak, wants to warns others of the danger of the common household object which caused the death of her beloved dog.

Petey suffocated on a chip bag, or “crisp” bag if you’re from the UK.

Young shared the story on Facebook, saying that her husband Christian made it home from work about 10 minutes before she did, expecting Petey to greet him at the door, but this time Petey was not there.

“As he walked in further he saw our sweet boy laying lifeless with a stupid chip bag over his head,” she wrote. “He was able to get them off the counter that we will forever blame ourselves for leaving out. He ate every chip out but of course went back in for crumbs… with there being nothing left inside every time he would go for more he would inhale making the bag tighter & tighter around his head… ultimately resulting in suffocation.”

According to Young, Petey was a smart dog so she can’t understand how this happened and why he couldn’t pull the bag off his head with his paws.

But it turns out this is a fairly common problem. Suffocation caused by snack bags and similar types of bags and containers happens every week – to both dogs and cats.

Young hopes others will heed her warning:

“With this happening so often we were so surprised by the lack of awareness on this topic out there. Especially I was a very protective dog mama. So I just ask that in honor of my boy Petey that you be extra careful, warn other dog owners & give your fur babies some extra love today and [every day] after this. I pray none of you ever have to experience your heart breaking this way.”

The Preventative Vet website reports that at least 2 to 3 pets die each week in the US alone due to suffocation from snack bags, and it only takes a little as 3 – 5 minutes for a cat or dog to die of suffocation.

The website offers the following tips to prevent this from happening:

  • Keep all snack and pet food bags safely stored away
  • Tear or cut up all chip bags and food bags after use
  • Store snacks and pet food in resealable plastic containers
  • Keep all trash can lids tightly fastened, locked or behind a cabinet
  • Learn CPR for pets

So if you’re a dog or cat owner, it’s worth being extra vigilant to follow the above tips to avoid this disastrous situation, and to share this with your friends and family who may also be unaware of this danger.