17-Year Old Saves Toddler Falling From 2nd-Floor Window In Turkey

Image credit: Reuters

Dramatic CCTV footage has surfaced which shows the moment a two-year-old girl fell out an apartment window in Turkey and was heroically caught by a 17-year-old.

Feuzi Zabaat noticed that the Syrian toddler, Doha Mohammed, was about to fall from the window of the 2nd floor apartment in the Fatih district of Instanbul.

Zabaat, who was working on the same street at a frame workshop, quickly positioned himself under the child preparing to catch the child before she hit the ground.

Thankfully, he positioned himself well and was able to catch the child.

Local media reported that the child’s mother was cooking in the kitchen at the time and the toddler found her way out of an open window.

Watch the video below: