Do you have a tendon in your wrist that pops out like this? If so, here’s what it means


Despite the fact that humans have evolved heavily over the course of time, there are still many bodily traits that we have kept that have been handed down by our ancestors.

The way our body functions today is very much a result of early evolutionary history, and even those who disagree with will surely find this video gives them plenty to chew on.

Even the smaller details of our body, such as the shape of our outer ears, have all evolved to be that way for a reason. The human body, while often referred to as a temple, could also be seen as a museum of our own evolutionary history which contains hundreds of artifacts that can teach us something about where and what we evolved from.

For example, do you have a tendon that pops out of your wrist like in the image above?

If so, you’ll find an interesting explanation as to what it is that way in the video below, along with other examples of bodily features give us an insight into our history.