These Two Photos Of The Same Street Are Leaving Internet Users Totally Confused


Have you had your eyes tested by an optometrist lately? If not, you might feel like you need to once you’ve finished looking at this optical illusion.

Our eyes are always playing tricks on us and there have been many illusions that went viral online because of how they can trick us into seeing what is not there.

Do you remember the infamous picture of a dress that half the internet thought was black and blue but the other half saw it as white and gold? Well, this picture has been sending the internet into a head-scratching frenzy to the same extent.

Take a look at the pic below – it looks like it is two pictures of the same street taken from different angles, right?

Actually, you might be surprised to find out that it is in fact 2 copies of the same exact image placed side by side, and the secret behind the brain teaser is based on a similar optical illusion that is centuries old.

The Cafe Wall Illusion consists of black and white tiles shaped in such a way that it looks like the lines between the tiles are sloping, when they are actually perfectly parallel.

This tile design was originally known as the Kindergarten Illusion when it first surfaced early in the 20th Century, but got it’s new name when it was rediscovered in 1973 by Richard Gregory. The new name was given after one of Gregory’s lab team came across a walled tiled with this pattern at a local cafe.

This illusion has since been used to add an interesting touch to other buildings and interiors around the world.

Now, close your eyes and give them a well earned rest!