95-year-Old WWII Vet Runs Across America for Second Time


As we all get older, nobody wants to feels like old news, like their glory days are behind them.

But that is exactly how Ernie Andrus says he felt after he completed his record-breaking run across America back in 2016. He was 93 at the time and became the oldest person to to ever run across America from, San Diego, California, all the way to Saint Simons Island, Georgia.

Upon completion of his run he was greeted by a large crowd to cheer him on in the final stretch and celebrate with the World War II sailor at the end. It was pure joy.

Since that day 2 and a half years ago, Ernie has continued to run to keep fit, and still dreams of the glory.

“I was running three days a week, but it’s the same old thing. And I just got a little bored,” he said.

Feeling like his life was missing something, Ernie has decided to raise the bar even further by returning to Georgia beach where his last run ended, to start a new run back across the country.

“I’ve got all the runs planned clear up to 2025,” he said.

This run will be dedicated to the LST, the same type of ship he served on during the war. There is only one left which is open for tours in Evansville, Indiana, so he is running to raise money and awareness for it.

“A ship’s like a person, you know, we call it the grey lady,” Ernie said. “It’s part of my soul.”

The run clocks in at approximately 2400 miles, and he is already 200 miles into it.