Only the most observant can find the 9 faces in this picture


Attention all horse lovers, and all those who love a challenge!

We have some equestrian theme observation challenges which will test your ability to think outside the box and pay attention to subtle details.

Challenge 1

Take a look at the picture below of horses in a snowy mountain scene. How many horses can you find?

The artist, Bev Doolittle, is well renowned for her camouflage art. This one, called “Pintos” as painted in 1975 while Bev was travelling around the southwestern regions of the United States and she encountered a herd of chestnut horses.

Have you finished counting the horses yet? If you’re ready, here is the solution…

Challenge Number Two

This one still features horses but now you’re looking for something else. There are human faces hidden in the painting.

This one takes a different direction! Chances are, you can clearly see the horses in this photo. But your task this time is to find the hidden human faces!

How many hidden human faces can you find?

This one is a bit trickier. There are 9 hidden human faces – how many have you found so far.

Here are some of them – we’ll leave it to you to find the rest!

Challenge Number Three

This is has a simple objective but might be the hardest out of the lot. See how you handle it!

Do you see the hidden horse?

(If you’re struggling and you give up the answer is below.)

Hopefully you didn’t give up too easily – or did you spot the horse straight away?

Here is the solution:

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