Why Has Nobody Told Me About These Before? 19 Tricks That Make Life Easier For Any Woman (or Man)!


Many of us hate cleaning the house – it’s time consuming, and can be pretty mundane.

However, it can become fun and easy when you know a few tricks! Below are some of the cleverest tricks we have came across that we wish we knew many years ago.

1.Prevent doors doors from slamming shut due to a draft with a few rubber bands. Place them as you see in the image below.

2. Stick a soft tab to your garage wall to prevent damage when opening your car.

3. Clean your childs paintings from the walls easily by using KH7 and other de-greasing products.

4. Gum stuck on your carpet? Remove it more easily by putting an ice cube over it until it freezes.

5. If you have nail holes in your walls, try rubbing a bar of soap on them until the holes are filled.

6.Rub your furniture all over with a bar of soap to bring back it’s glow.

7.Screw through a rubber band when screwing it down to prevent it from moving around.

8.When painting your walls, use tape bands and silicone to prevent the paint from spreading.

9. Screws will enter holes easier after they have been soaked in nail polish.

10. Spray some WD40 or other machine oil into squeaky hinges to stop them squeaking.

11. Prevent your kitchen cabinet door handles from causing damage by putting a drop of silicone on the ends of them.

12. If your shower head has limescale built up on it, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and hot water and secure it over the head. The limescale should be removed within one day.

13. Prevent door hinges from squeaking by adding some talc to them. 

14. Remove dog/cat hairs from your carpet or sofa easily by using a window wiper brush.

15.Wax crayons can help you fill in any holes in your walls.

16. Use a mixture of fabric softener and lemon juice to clean hardwood floors easier.

17. If your TV gathers dust too quickly, wipe it with a cloth soaked in lemon juice. This keeps dust away from the TV for longer.

We hope you have learnt a few new tricks today. Try them out and see how they work for you. They might just start to make the house cleaning an enjoyable hobby!