Couple forced to sell their business after disgusting hunting pics surface


The hippo you see in the picture above is just one of many majestic animals Jacques Alboud hunted during a safari in Tanzania in 2014.

A selection of photos recently surfaced showing a French couple posing next to the dead bodies of several animals they hunted, and it’s not a good look!

Jacques (left) and Martine (right) Alboud alongside Tanzanian hunter Clinton holding the body of a leopard they shot dead

The images caused such an outrage that the married couple, Jacques and Martine Alboud, had no option but to sell their supermarket franchise in the town of L’Arbresle, France.

They were subjected to customer boycotts, death threats, and the supermarket’s parent company Super U also condemned their activities, the Daily Mail reported.

In the images, the Albouds can be seen posing next to the dead animals, quite proud of their achievements which they paid good money for. Their victims include a leopard, a hippo, a buffalo, and several other animals.

The Albouds with their safari hunting group and the corpse of what seems to be a hartebeest.

A spokesperson for Super U said that their choice of hobby is “in total opposition with the values defended by us.”

“We condemn them even if they are private activities,” adding the couple “will leave (the company) with immediate effect.”

French media outlets contacted the Albouds but they refused to comment, however they did leave a positive testimonial on the safari organizer’s website

According to the Daily Mail, the testimonial says:

“Thanks to Clinton for his passion and his patience which allowed me to have such a successful, beautiful and fun safari, with top leopard and top crocodile,” and also “We will be back with Pierré and Clinton van Tonder!”

Well, let’s hope after this you’ll think twice about going back.