Instagram’s Latest Obsession Is a Toxic Lake in Siberia


This stunning blue lake in Russia is tempting young selfie-obsessed Instagram users to come take a picture next to it.

And while many Instagrammers are flocking here to capture the perfect pic, you might want to think twice before you do the same.

This is a man-made lake in Novosibirsk and the reason it has such a nice blue colour is because it is located near a coal plant and the dumping of their waste has affected the water.

It has been nicknamed the “Novosibirk Maldives” because of how it looks – but it is not so glamorous when you know the truth behind the exotic appearance.

If you can’t resist the selfie opportunity then, by all means go take one. But we wonder how long it will take before unsuspecting visitors start to swim in it.

Watch the video here: