Man sits on toilet for 116 hours to set new Guinness record


Next time you get shouted at for spending too much time on the toilet, just tell them you’re in practice to break a world record.

Although you might find this record hard to beat!

A Belgian man has spent a total of 116 hours sitting on a toilet in a local bar in his attempt to set a new Guinness World Record.

Jimmy De Frenne sat on the toilet, which was located in the main room of a bar in Ostend and not hooked up to any plumbing, for almost 5 days.

Guinness does not yet have a record for the longest time sitting on a toilet, so they set an unofficial record of 100 hours which De Frenne had to beat.

He was aiming for 165 hours, but found that to be out his reach when lack of sleep started to affect him and he pulled out after 116 hours.

He was permitted to take a five minute break every hour to stretch and use a real toilet.

Evidence from the attempt has been submitted to Guinness for official recognition.

Watch some of the highlights in the video below: