This sleeping position can cause acne, according to researchers


Everyone enjoys a good sleep. The feeling of jumping into a bed with fresh sheets at the end of a long day cannot be beaten.

We could snooze all day long if we didn’t have to drag ourselves out of bed to face the day’s responsibilities.

But despite how nice it is in bed, researchers have found that some sleeping habits can be bad for our skin.

We all sleep differently, in positions that we find comfortable. Maybe you like to spread your limbs out in all directions, or curl up into a ball like a mouse.

One particular sleeping position which is very common has been found to be bad for your skin – sleeping on your front with your face on the pillow.

The UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service has conducted research which found that the majority of people sleep on their fronts, which causes Acne Mechanica, due to the rubbing and excessive pressure on the skin.

Too much weight is put on the skin because of this body position. As well as causing spots, this position can also cause puffy skin and wrinkles.

According to the researchers, the best position to sleep is on your back. This promotes healthier skin, reduces wrinkles and can also help to heal neck and back pain.