10 Amazingly Clever & Unusual Uses For Your Hairdryer


Much like that bottle of vinegar in your kitchen, your hairdryer is a jack of all trades.

It can be used to quickly set nail polish (which you probably know already) and also comes in handy if the kids have used your walls as a canvas for their latest crayon masterpiece – just blast some heat at it and watch the waxy color come right off!

Below are some more unusual ways you can use your hairdryer which you may not have discovered yet.

1. Remove candle wax

Image credit: Instructables

Candle wax dries extremely fast and can be a pain to remove from surfaces. Blast it with the heat from your hairdryer and you’ll be able to remove it easily.

2. Set icing on a cake or cupcake.

Image credit: Instructables

Use your hairdryer to quickly set icing, while giving it a little shine in the process.

3. Start a fire quicker

If your wood is too moist to catch fire, give it some heat to help it on it’s way.

4. Clear the steam off your mirror

Image credit: Lifehacker

Just enjoyed a long hot shower and your mirror is covered in steam but you want to use it straight away? Your hairdryer will fix this! Give it a blast of heat.

5. Make your plastic glasses fit your face better.

Heat them up and you will be able to mold them better to fit your face.

6. Clear the ice off your car on a cold winter’s day.

Image credit: WIkihow

Providing you have an extension cable long enough, you can use your hair dryer to melt the frozen crystals.

7. Ever wanted statement lashes without wearing falsies?

Image source: Stylecraze

Heat your eyelash curler up using your hairdryer and it will work like a curling iron – but BE CAREFUL! Always test heat of the metal against your hand first, you don’t want to burn the skin near your eyes.

8. Make dusting easier

If you’re dusting some hard to reach places, you can give these areas a blast of air to move the dust around, making it easier to remove.

9. Make removing band aids/plasters less painful

Sometimes removing these can be annoyingly painful. A bit of heat from your hairdryer will soften them making them easier, and less painful, to remove.

Do you know of any alternative uses for a hairdryer?

If so, share them in the comments!