Make-up Artist Transforms Face Into Awe-Inpsiring Set Of Illusions

Image credit: @cakefacerj

We have seen some great make up jobs in our time, but this self-taught artist from the UK really impresses us more than most with her make-up illusions that play tricks on the viewers eye.

20-year-old Romanie-Jade Tulloch, from Nottingham, spends up to 13 hours at a time applying her masterpieces to her face.

She studied fine art at college for 2 years but dropped out to instead follow her own path as a full time YouTuber and beauty influencer.

You can find her on social media under the name ‘cakefacerj’ and you’ll no doubt be impressed by her work.

Her latest piece was inspired by a blender and for that she had to spend a total of NINE hours transforming her face with make-up.

Image credit: @cakefacerj

She said:

“My surroundings inspire me, I can be walking through the park and see a pond and that is enough for me to give it a go on my face. I like to step out of my comfort zone and try anything and everything, it might be Where’s Wally on my face or a food blender. I wanted to show people that you can use makeup to do so much more, it doesn’t always have to be to make yourself look pretty.”

Image credit: @cakefacerj

“The longest I have spent on one illusion was 13 hours as I tried to create an Avengers themed look. The looks usually take an average of five hours and I always leave my mouth until last so I can snack throughout. Once I am in the zone, I find it hard to get out so it never really feels like a long time when doing the looks.”

Image credit: @cakefacerj

Romanie-Jade boasts over 400k followers on Instagram and uploads an array of unique looks daily.

She added:

“I had the option to go to university, but I wanted to get stuck in with starting my career in art straight away. I went on a self-employment course to become a freelance makeup artist, and in this time my page blew up and I went from 3000 followers to 16,000 in a week. I took the plunge and use the loan I received from Princess Trust to buy studio equipment to become a full-time beauty influencer as I realised, I can earn money doing what I love.”

Image credit: @cakefacerj

“I wanted to stand out as different in the makeup industry, so I started experimenting with unusual eye makeup illusions. I recognised a gap in the market, other pages were posting mainly contouring and smokey eyes, so I decided to switch it up and be arty with my looks. A small percentage of people can be negative, but on the whole, I’ve had a really positive response and I’ve gained a large following since my looks stared trending which I’m so grateful for.”

Image credit: @cakefacerj

Check out more of her awesome work in the video below:

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Posted by Cakefacerj on Thursday, 20 June 2019