These Animal Bridges Are Saving Animal Lives All Over The World


As humans we have mastered the art of building roads to connect us and provide a fast efficient way to travel and transport good betweejn one location and other.

While roads are extremely useful to us, for the many animals we share the earth with they are disruptive and dangerous.

To address the issue, conservationists have came up with the clever idea of wildlife bridges to give all kinds of animals a safe way to get from one side of a road to the other.

It is estimated that in the USA alone, the cost of vehicle-to-animal collisions is around $8 billion per year. We have settled in all corners of the country and over a fifth of the lands ecology has a road system present, meaning there are many opportunities for vehicles to collide with animals, or an accident caused by swerving to avoid an animal.

While humans have learnt to use crosswalks to safely cross a road, it’s a bit more tricky to teach wild animals how to wait for a green light. So the solution is to provide a crossing where they can cross any time, safely, where there is no human traffic.

Below are some of the most impressive animal bridges and crossings we have seen.

Image: BoredPanda

This animal crossing asses under a highway in Finland.

Image: CheekyAsian/Bored Panda

This tree covered animal pass is keeping animals safe over a highway in Singapore.

Image: Joel Sartore/MyModernMet

A wildlife cross in the woods of Alberta, Canada.

Image: Wondrous World Images/

This bridge in Australia allows crabs to migrate from the rain forest to the ocean.

Image: AP/Bored Panda

An elephant underpass in Kenya.

Image: Bored Panda

This rope bridge in Victoria, Australia was made for squirrels but it seems it has also became a playground for Cockatoos.

Image: zenhamster/Bored Panda

A nice lush green ecoduct in the Netherlands.

Image credit: HighwayWilding/Bored Panda

This underpass under the Trans-Canada Highway in Banff National Park, Canada has provided a safe passage for a grizzly bear.

We love the ingenuity and the fact that these animal bridges and underpasses are a win-win for both humans and nature!