This Mechanic Stripped His Car And Replaced His Drivers Seat With A Hammock


A skilled mechanic with a sense of humour and the love for a challenge has manage to transform a normal hatchback into a hybrid hammock/car.

After the idea came to him, Emile Luijben and his assistant, brought a Suzuki hatchback into his workshop in Baarle-Nassau, The Netherlands, to begin working on replacing the traditional driving seat with a hammock.

Given that a hammock would not fit inside a car too easily, the first step was to remove the roof and windshield to create an open top vehicle.

Then they installed poles from which the hammock could be attached to.

The tricky part was then re-positioning the steering mechanism, accelerator and brake in such a way that they could be operated by the driver while in the hammock.

Once the build was complete it was time for a test drive! The pair took their modified car out on the the road and had a successful drive, albeit with the driver swinging quite vigorously when going over bumps or around corners.

Emile said:

“We do what we like most and hope to inspire other people to start their own projects. The ideas just pop into my head, so I keep a list of creations I would like to build, sometimes we just pick one and start building. I like disassembling old machinery to find the parts I need to build something completely different. I enjoy testing the vehicles most, the test is the climax of the build.”

We look forward to seeing more of his creations in future!