This Cute Cat with Different Coloured Eyes is Melting Hearts Worldwide

Image credit: @milkyblvck / Instagram

There’s a special looking cat taking the internet by storm, and netizens can’t get enough of her!

The kitty’s name is Niu Nai (which is Mandarin for “Milk) and she’s from China.

She has her own Instagram account full of adorable pictures of her, with 39,000 followers so far.

The condition this feline has is called heterochromia which is a rare genetic condition that causes different coloured eyes. It’s not a serious condition or a medical problem – it just results in the cat looking super cute.

Niu Nai has one blue eye and one yellow eye, which look as round as marbles.

Image credit: @milkyblvck / Instagram

The condition is found mostly with white cats, so a predominantly black cat with is very rare.

Image credit: @milkyblvck / Instagram

It is also normal for an odd-eyed cat’s blue eye to look red in pictures, due to the melanin layer in the blue eye, which clears away some shades of light, according to Cat’s Health.

Image credit: @milkyblvck / Instagram

Niu Nai’s owner, Clare Zheng, said that the cat “loves to eat and sleep all day” and isn’t scared of the extra attention she gets from strangers.

It’s not just her amazing eyes that grab all the attention, she also has a cute habit of sticking her tongue out for the camera too!

Image credit: @milkyblvck / Instagram

This beautiful cat brightens up people’s days and we hope it’s brightened up yours.