Viral Photo of Couple at the Roadside Proves That It’s More Important to be Happy Than Rich

Image credit: Humanity / Facebook

True love exists.

A photo went viral on Facebook recently, which showed a loved up couple enjoying a sweet moment beside a road.

The caption reads:

“It’s more important to be happy than to be rich. ❤”

What we can take from the photo is that the man was washing dishes at work, while his woman comes up and embraces him from behind.

Although we are unsure of the exact source of the image, we can deduce from the roadside features and text in the shop sign that the location is somewhere in Thailand.

Thailand is a country where the general living wage is barely enough to get by on, and it’s even harder when you factor in the demands of modern society such as mobile phones and computers.

There were no fancy expensive clothes, a breathtaking back drop, or a luxurious dinner spread – yet still, both their faces were filled with happiness and pure love.

Netizens loved this perfectly captured moment, agreeing that happiness and companionship is more important than wealth.

Sometimes it’s the simple moments that can bring us happiness, and we don’t need to be extremely rich to enjoy these moments.

Even if we are going through financial struggles, it’s possible to find happiness through the loved ones we have around us, and the meaningful connections that we rely on only get stronger when faced with a challenge to overcome together.

In this day and age, we think photos like this one serve as a great reminder for us to cherish and be grateful for the people we have in our lives.

Instead of only focusing on making money and acquiring possessions, we should take a step back and enjoy the time we have with our loved ones – this is something that money can’t buy!

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