7 Short ‘Glitch In The Matrix’ Stories That Will Have You Questioning Everything


We all experience coincidences every day which stand out to us and might even freak us out a little.

Do you find that when you look at the clock, the time is 11:11 more often that it feels like it should be? Has your phone rang the moment you started thinking about someone, and then it turns out to be that person calling? Maybe you keep seeing the same person in unrelated locations over and over again?

These are common experiences that make us wonder about the fabric of reality or give us a sense of déjà vu, but we quickly move on from them.

But what about those experiences that are so bizarre that the really shake you up and stick with you for life.

Here are 7 stories from people who experienced something that seemed beyond coincidence, that will make you question your beliefs.

“When I was around 20, I kept having dreams about a woman with long black hair named Aroura.”

“They were different dreams but for some reason, her distinct face and name always ended up in them. It got to the point where I would wake up frustrated and confused, trying to google her name or find out how I was connected to her. After a few months, she stopped showing up and I dismissed it.

Fast forward a few years later, Halloween 2009, I’m in the car with a friend stopped at a gas station. I’m about to pull out and merge onto a highway when I get a phone call from a random number, so I stop the car but no one answered.

There was a person behind me who grew impatient, honked at me, and then swerved in front of me instead of waiting for 2 seconds for me to move. The second they get on the highway, some silver Civic loses control of their wheel and crashes into the car that swerved in front of me.

I called the cops and waited at the gas station for them to come. Turns out the drivers of both cars died. It 100% would have been me if I hadn’t of gotten that phone call. I called it back a few hours later out of gratitude and curiosity, and it rang 3 times and went to voicemail.

‘Hi, you’ve reached Aurora, please leave your name and number.’ I’ve never had goosebumps like that in my life.

Called it again the next day. Some woman answers and we get to talking. I tell her my entire story including the dreams I had. She tells me she doesn’t know how I got her number and that she never called me as far as she remembers. Weird. I ask her if she has facebook to confirm if she is, in fact, the woman in my dreams.

Check her facebook, holy f***, it’s her.” Sarax11

I was working in a decades-old nursing home out in the middle of the woods in PA as a nurse aide on the night shift. My wife won’t come to visit me at work because she insists it, ‘looks like a Rob Zombie video’.”

A resident pulls the mechanical call bell in the bathroom for assistance. I flip it off and help her back to bed.

As I’m exiting the only way in or out, the call bell goes on again; I look back and it’s not the electronic one in her bedroom, (which blinks slowly). It’s the mechanically-operated one you have to physically pull in the bathroom, (which blinks twice as fast).

The lady is close to 400 lbs. & non-ambulatory; there is no physical way she could’ve pulled that bell, I sure as hell did not, and there was no one else around.”direbowels

“I have always had a fear that people can read my mind.”

“I remember I was on my way to my birthday party, and I had just bought a new dress. I wasn’t sure about how I looked in it. As I was going up the escalator this other woman was walking down the stairs adjacent to the escalator. I remember thinking ‘I really hope I don’t look stupid right now’ and this woman says ‘Well I think you look great!’ in this reassuring way.

Maybe I just looked insecure, maybe someone else on the stairs in front of her was talking about how I looked stupid, but to this day the experience has amplified my paranoia of mind reading.”saintbabe

“When I was in my sophomore year of high school, there was this cute blonde girl in my history class that quite a few of the guys were interested in. There was nothing super unique about her, she was just a fairly funny, cute, average girl.”

“Anyway, this girl was an exchange student from Germany, and after several months of being in our class, she simply stopped coming. It was odd for a week or two, but after that, I started to wonder what had happened to her. I asked one of my friends if maybe she had moved back, but he said he had no idea who I was talking about, and I soon came to learn that no one did.

I still don’t know if I had dreamed the whole episode, and maybe my subconscious is playing a trick on me, or if someone actually went missing from my history class who everyone spontaneously forgot.”Igno4

“My sister was married in a city called Hansi in the state of Haryana in India.”

I went to visit her once and in the evening we were sitting in her home and chatting with her in-laws. Suddenly she asked me to note the constant noise that was there in the background. It was like a mammoth wind-mill operational nearby (there is no such thing there).

And as I noticed it she said the noise stops immediately when someone talks about it. Lo and behold, it did. Every time I tried to talk about it the noise stopped.

It scared the f*** out of me.”-mukeshitt

“I used to work at a video store. A dad and daughter came in to rent a movie.”

“I jokingly told them they had a late fee of $898.58 on their account. They both looked at me in shock. I told them I was just joking. The dad tells me his daughter just got her first paycheck.She brings it out to show me.

It’s for $898.58.”-Namelok

“I said to myself once, ‘I can’t be bothered catching the bus. I want someone to pick me up and drop me home. If this happens now then I am definitely living in a simulation.'”

“Soon after, a friend picked me up who was heading my way and dropped me on my doorstep.”-chronographer

Have you had any similar experiences? Do they freak you out or excite you? Let us know in the comments!