Violinist Wows Judges On International Stage, 13 Years After Losing Arm In Accident


A tragic accident almost ended the seemingly inevitable music career of Manami Ito, from Japan, who has played the violin since she was a small child.

She lost her right arm in a car accident when she was just 20 years old, studying to be a nurse.

After the loss of her limb he spent an entire year hiding herself from the world and worrying about what would become of her. Her mother wished that she would one day play the violin again, so she tirelessly worked on pulling Manami out of her depression and gave her a goal to focus on.

Manami found her passion for life again, and soon started pursuing all the interests she had before she lost her arm. She finished her studies and became a nurse, and also competed as a swimmer in the Paralympics.

A new lightweight prosthetic arm with a specially made prosthetic bow became available allowing her to finally get back to doing what she loves most, playing the violin.

Now, thirteen years after she thought her life would never amount to anything, Manami earned a place on the new televised talent competition “The World’s Best”, featuring a panel of celebrity judges, and hosted by James Corden.

When “The Miracle Violinist” took to the stage, the audience were shocked to she she only had one arm.

Then she began to play, and any reservations they had were quickly put to rest. If you closed your eyes you would never believe that the violinist playing only had one arm.

She effortlessly played her selected songs, with her Japanese heritage honored by digitally-created cherry blossoms fluttering down around her. It was an incredibly stunning and emotional moment.

Manami was thoroughly enjoying her chance to shine in the spotlight, her smile lighting up the room, her joy could not be contained.

Her performance reduced judge Faith Hill to tears, and the other judges also had to dry their eyes while witnessing this brave and talented young woman perform.

Faith Hill said:

“I believe that there’s nothing stronger than the human spirit. When we decide we can do something there are no limits whatsoever, and you’ve proven that tonight.”

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