This Morning viewers left horrified as they witness a woman marrying her pet dog


This Morning viewers were left shocked and disturbed when they tuned in to see a woman marrying her pet dog.

Elizabeth Hoad has found herself to be extremely unlucky-in-love, so she joined Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on the show to talk about the plan to marry her dog, Logan.

She explained how she has been feeling down-and-out after 221 unsuccessful dates on top of several failed romances.

Tired of being let down, she decided that Logan was the best match for her, and came on This Morning to marry finally tie the not.

Elizabeth explained:

“I rescued him a year ago today, he has a very sad past. He’s now just turned six, but for the first four years he was locked in a utility cupboard, chained up, starved.”

It was a particularly bad experience with a man that she had recently which was the final straw.

She said: “I’d been building up a relationship with this guy, we met through Facebook, hadn’t actually met him.

“We were video chatting then we were connecting. I started getting fruity, we got a bit fruity on the video and he said, ‘I love you Elizabeth.’

“Then in the background, ‘Darling, are you coming to bed?’ His wife walked in.”

This situation led her to believe that her best chance for a happy relationship is to marry her dog.

Elizabeth made her way down the aisle wearing a white dress and large fascinator as if it were completely normal, but viewers found themselves baffled and uncomfortable with what they were witnessing.

One said: “Just catching the end of #ThisMorning +1 WTF.”

Another added: “You need to get a grip with this s**t marrying dogs on the show ffs do you really think your viewers are deluded and get in the real world!!”

A third shared: “#ThisMorning…that’s just so stupid.”

“Did a woman really marry her dog on #ThisMorning or was I watching #JerrySpringer,” commented a fourth.

The ceremony was conducted by Alison Hammond, and did not fall short on dog-themed puns:

“If any person here present has a bone of contention as to why they may not be joined together, I will now paws to let them speak, bark, now or forever hold their peace.”

Alison continued: “Do you, Elizabeth, take Logan to be your very own pedigree chum?”

Elizabeth said “yes” before kissing her dog on the face while he licked her face in return.

Eamonn and Ruth seemed a little bewildered by the whole thing, and dumbfounded viewers hit twitter to voice their thoughts:

“Someone please rescue that poor dog, forced marriages are illegal you know.”

“Has anyone checked if the dog has consented to this lunacy?”

“Hope she isn’t planning on consummating her ‘marriage’. Don’t think the dog can give his consent.”

“I have been with a few dogs, I wouldn’t marry them though. Oh it’s an actual dog… I was in the next room.”

We wish them a bright and happy future together.