Check out Thailand’s Real-Life, Chopper-Riding Predator

There’s a longtime Predator fan in Thailand, who has been grabbing a lot of attention recently as he cruises about on his own custom-made, Predator-themed choppers, dressed in his own incredibly-realistic Predator outfits.

He can usually be seen on the roads of Mukdahan, Thailand, the province he calls home. And he is now gaining notoriety all over the world after videos captured of him went viral on social media last month.

The videos do not give much context away but it has been discovered that he is well known in his local communities as the Predator of Mukdahan.

Samai Khammongkul leads quite a unique double life. During the week he is a manager of Charoen Pokphand, Thailands largest private company, but when he’s not working he will often put on his Predator costume and hit the roads on one of 4 of his custom Predator themed motorcycles.

Khammongkul has been a fan of Predator but only started making his own costumes and customized bikes six years ago.

He first attracted attention when he was spotted out on the roads of Thailand’s southern region, but since moving back to his native province Mukdahan, he gained his new nickname.

He made national headlines when he was pulled over by police, who were taken aback by his outfit and bizarrely customized vehicle, and had a few questions for him. The photo of him talking to a uniformed police office went viral all across Asia and boosted his popularity.

He later told reporters that the police pulled him over when he was on his way back home after giving an inspirational talk to students at a local high school, which he does on a regular basis. He told Khaosod English:

“I wanted to encourage and inspire the kids who weren’t doing so well in school. I was also not a good student, with around a 2.0 GPA, but it’s important to find out what’s unique about yourself. Everyone is good at different things, or good at different times in your life.”

Asked why he went to give his talk in his Predator garb, he explained: “You gotta go in with an out-of-the-world concept, or else they won’t remember you.”

Khammongkul creates the detailed Predator costumes himself using rubber, foam, clothing and pieces of metal, with one costume taking around 40-50 days to make. He also sells his costumes to fellow Predator fans for about 55,000 baht ($1,800), which he says is a bargain, as imported costumes sell for around double that amount.

He went on the explain that the head piece is also a helmet, designed in such a way that he can wear it riding a motorcycle.

As well as riding around the province, and giving talks to school, he also likes to attend cosplay events and biker gatherings, and always does his best to stop for photos with random strangers who want one.

So what does he love about Predator so much? He answered:

“I like the Predator because he’s so hi-tech. He’s got blades that come out from his shoulders, laser beams, stealth technology and a language translator. He can even scan someone to see if they have cancer, so he doesn’t have to kill them if they’re going to die anyway.”

We think he’s doing a fantastic job of living his own unique life and inspiring others.