Cyclist proposes to girlfriend through a route that spells ‘Marry Me’

Image by Jon Blaze and Cycling Couple via Reddit and Instagram

We’ve all seen a lot of gimmicky marriage proposals over the years, so by now the bar has been set quite high when it comes to unique ways to pop the big question.

A cyclist from Texas, USA, found a way to use his and his girlfriend’s favorite hobby as way to pull of an incredible marriage proposal, with the help of a GPS app.

Jon Blaze created a route that spelled out the words “Marry me” using the popular cycling and running app Strava, which records routes using GPS.

He took his girlfriend out to ride the planned route, which took about an hour and a half, then once complete he got down on one knee to ask the big question. Although he didn’t ask it conventionally, he showed her the app in which the route they had just completed spelled the words “Marry Me”.

He shared the photo of the route on Reddit, saying:

“I went on a bike ride with my GF and showed her a nice surprise at the end or our ride. She said YES!”

Image by Cycling Couple via Instagram

On a separate post on Instagram, the couple both shared photos after the proposal with a caption: She said YES! She’ll ride with me for life.

Blaze admitted that although he knew he had came up with a very cool way to propose, he was actually nervous the whole time. Speaking in an interview he said:

“I was nervous the entire ride, all the way up to where I got down on my knees, and was very relieved when it was all over.”

On the day they got engaged they were also taking part in a monthly cycling event in Houston, so it’s clear cycling plays a big part in both of their lives and will surely continue to play a big part in their married life.