Newlyweds become internet sensation after photos riding a carabao-drawn carriage


These days you are more likely to see a luxury car as the mode of transport for a couple on their wedding day, but some people just refuse to do things the ‘normal’ way.

One couple who were getting married in Iloilo City, Phillipines, amazed passers by and the internet community by making their way to the wedding venue in a carriage drawn by a carabao water buffalo.

The photographs taken by Mitchell Artworks show the newlywed couple riding a carriage embellished by white and pink flowers with a white cloth acting as a canopy, drawn by a carabao who graciously pulled the carriage along.

The carabao is a domestic swamp-type water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) native to the Philippines, and often hailed as the National Animal of the Philippines.

They are beasts of labor, used to plow fields, and also as a means of transportation by carrying passengers on their backs or drawing a sled on which people and goods can ride.

So it is an unlikely mode of transportation for going to a wedding, but it’s certainly creative and eye-catching, hence why it attracted so much attention and went viral.

People were impressed how humble the couple must be to chose this mode of transportation, when it can be assumed that they could easily afford a luxury vehicle.

The unusual choice won the hearts of internet users round the world, with the video getting over 4 million views on the Tee Radio page.

The wedding took place last July 13 ar Cubay Evangelical Church in Bingawan, Iloilo. The bride was identified as Amfe Jane Gallaza an Ilongga and the Danish groom is Martin Poulsen.