The Dutch concept of ‘Doing nothing’ is new new anti-stress trend gaining popularity


Doing nothing is an art! In the Netherlands, it has even become the new anti-stress trend . Dubbed “Niksen” which means literally “do nothing” in Dutch, this trend celebrates uninhibited idleness.

In the midst of the pressure and the hustle and bustle of our ultra-connected lives, it’s hard to find a real moment of inaction.

In a quest for efficiency and seemingly not enough hours in the day, we constantly strive to improve our performance, even when it comes to relaxing.

Working, reading, watching movies, chatting with friends, playing games, playing sports, cleaning the house, and all other “must-do” activities continue the chain of being in action, leaving very few windows of “empty” in our schedules.

But the practice of Niksen offers a “slow life” to regain possession of its time and give your brain a moment of respite.

This trend from the Netherlands is part of the current emphasis on well-being that has became prominent over Europe over the past few years.

First, there was the “hygge” from Denmark, which is the art of cocooning at home in a warm and comforting atmosphere, then the Swedish “lagom”, encouraging a balanced way of life, being more moderate in consumption.

With Niksen, you have to learn to put down your phone or book, and spend some time simply being idle.

But beware, you are not allowed to feel guilty! You must fully accept and surrender to the Niksen, otherwise its anti-stress effect could be completely destroyed.

You can find a nice quiet place to sit, look out the window, you can even walk around, or listen to some relaxing music without doing anything.

The whole thing is to make sure you have no purpose, no hidden purpose and to let your thoughts wander.

Try it out and you’ll see, it’s a real booster of creativity and the best cure for anxiety!