This 46m² house was built in just 12 hours using 3D printers, costing only $2000

Photo: S-Squared 3D printers

Need a small house built in less than 12 hours? Well, it’s now possible, as this is the feat achieved by a team in New York using 3D printing technology.

The future of the building sector may soon be shaken by advances in 3D printing. Recently, the American company S-Squared 3D printers was proud to have built a house of 46 m² in just 12 hours, something which has never been done before.

Since the early 2000s, 3D printing has revolutionized many sectors. Very widely used in the medical or aeronautic field, it allows parts to be manufactured in record time and at low cost.

In 2004, Behrokh Khoshnevis, an American professor from the University of South Carolina, innovates and prints a 3D concrete wall for the first time.

Since then, many companies have started to conquer this technology, which could eventually help the poorest to find housing.

The prototype house recently built by the New York company is full of promise. With its 46 m² for a cost of only $ 2,000 (about 1,800 euros), it stands out for the record time it took to build it.

It took only 12 hours, thanks to the technology used by S-Squared 3D, called ARCS (Autonomous Robotic Construction System) and patent pending. This allows multiple machines to work together, transforming the build schedule into hours rather than days or months, reducing construction costs by 70 percent.

It is approximately 30 times faster to build using this technology than with traditional construction methods.

This innovative method is realized thanks to a gigantic articulated arm which, by movements of back and forth, applies the mixture of concrete layer by layer, without effort.

On its website , the company reveals its ultimate goal:

“S-Squared 3D plans to create a network of hundreds of machines and print tens of thousands of homes a year. Our humanitarian goal is to create homes for the less favored and poorer regions. These houses will be built with the potential to withstand hurricanes, tornadoes and virtually every act of God. “

This is the beginning of a new era for the construction sector, which promises a reduction in costs and waste, faster manufacturing and fewer accidents at work.

For lovers of daring architecture, it will also be possible to create complex shapes to create unique and atypical houses.

We can only start to imagine what the houses of the future might look like!