This man travels the world saving crumbling buildings and cities using Lego

Images: janvormann / Instagram

If you are one of those people who can no longer stand the greyness and gloom of our cities, then you’ll love Jan Vormann.

Since 2007, this German travels the world to repair the streets… with bricks of Lego!

Vormann has visited nearly 40 cities across Europe, Central America, Asia, and the United States. Some of the installations only required a handful of toy bricks while some have used up to 20 pounds.

Some have perceived the patchwork as a plea for a more permanent repair, Vormann explains in response to having his colorful bricks replaced with real brick and mortar within days of the intervention.

Photo: janvormann / Instagram

Whenever Jan Vormann intervenes somewhere, he leaves a pretty, colored scar where previously there was only a hole, a gap, a crack or wear.

Photo: janvormann / Instagram

The artist has already “repaired” 150 sites.

Photo: janvormann / Instagram

The Lego bricks he uses are offered by admirers (he never buys).

Why bother with such work and why tackle it with so many colors? Jan Vormann replied to Télérama :

“I have always sought to improve the appearance of the public space in various ways, be it by graffiti, collage … As far as I can remember, I have never appreciated the greyness of cities and I’ve always wanted to give them color again … Have you noticed how colorful children’s toys are, and paradoxically, how it seems now the grown-up children are satisfied with living in dull dwellings? “

Photo: janvormann / Instagram

His project has gained many followers around the world, as evidenced by this amazing collaborative map.

Photo: janvormann / Instagram

Part of his mission statement explains:

Dispatchwork aims at childhood-memories in abstract shapes and vivid colors, towards a global collaboration of persons unknown to each other. This project is made for all those who identify as one of the others and embrace transitoriness. Persons who like to share their time playfully and don’t mind when the unglued structures slowly ‘dissolve’ (friendly to our environment) back into kids toyboxes”

Photo: janvormann / Instagram

To find out more about Jan Vormann, visit his website or visit the Paris gallery that hosts his works.