Belorussian Artist Paints Better with Her Breasts Than Most People Do with Their Hands

Nadia Matievskaia, a self-taught artist from Belarus, has been making news headlines for her unusual “brush”. The young artist uses her breasts to paint, but you couldn’t tell by the details displayed in her artworks.

Nadia never trained to become a painter, in fact she dreamed of having a career in the music industry, but a year and a half ago she started taking acting lessons and discovered a hidden talent.

The young artist says that the courses taught her not to be so constrained and explore her innermost feelings, but they also helped her experiment with her body and discover an unexpected way to make money. An assignment that one of her teachers gave her required her to create a painting using her breasts and try to sell it. She did exactly that, and she’s been doing it ever since.

After successfully completing her assignment, Nadia Matievskaia didn’t simply brush it aside as a quirky experience. She was intrigued and decided to explore her artistic talent even more. She kept practicing painting using her breasts as brushes, and now has her own artistic project called Paintings From The Heart.

Matievskaia posts photos of her creations on Instagram and sells the originals via social media as well. Although she hasn’t revealed any figures, the artist claims to be making good money.

“I started painting after the acting classes,” Nadia wrote on her Instagram. “And even after a year and a half I can say that it is not easy to do something yourself without a direction and a plan, without a common understanding of how it should be and what it is, with the bar that you set yourself, not mom, dad or your boss.”

This article was originally published on Oddity Central under a Creative Commons license.