Cloud Lamp Creates A Thunderstorm Inside Your Bedroom, And It’s The Coolest Thing Ever


There’s something oddly soothing about thunderstorms and sleep.

Often times it’s hard to get out of bed when it’s raining outside and it makes getting to work that much harder.

To capitalize on people’s sleepless nights and the effect that a thunderstorm can have on individuals, Richard Clarkson Studio created a real cloud lamp that creates a thunderstorm right in your bedroom!

Add this to your Christmas list immediately, because it’s pretty much the coolest thing you’ll ever see and you definitely need one in every room in the house.

Richard Clarkson, a New Zealand based designer, has created a lamp and speaker system called The Cloud, that replicates the experience of being in a thunderstorm inside your house. That’s right, the soothing sounds of heavy rain and rolling thunder, plus flashes of lightning. NEED.

The Cloud combines light and sound to create an indoor thunderstorm, designed to look like a little cloud that hangs from your ceiling. Lights flash in different areas to replicate lightning, while speakers provide pretty darn convincing thunder. It adapts its thunderstorm to your movements around the room, creating a unique storm pattern dependent on how and where you move.

The super cool lamp/speaker thing also has the option of nightlight mode – perfect for people who sleep best to the soothing sounds of rain – and can stream music. You can also put multiple lamps all over your ceiling so it looks like there’s a sky IN YOUR BEDROOM. It’s too exciting.

Now, while this might not be everyone’s style or taste, it will certainly be a conversation piece. If you want to have conversations in your bedroom- I don’t know – I prefer to sleep.

The cloud lamp contains full motion sensors, microphones, high quality speaker system and is all controllable from the sounds, to its sensitivity to movements around it.

Made from hypoallergenic fiberfill, the lamp encompasses a nightlight and music reactive modes which you can control using a wireless remote.

The interactive clouds are VERY costly $4,422 (US $3,360) or you can get the non-flashing ones for a more modest $1,263 (US $960).

Cloud lamp by Richard Clarkson is like an art instillation, and has an expensive price tag to suit… but you can’t deny that it’s awesome!