Man Carves Tree That Was Struck By Lightning Into Epic Dragon Using Chainsaw

Chainsaw art isn’t something I thought I would be into…until I saw this tree. After being struck by lightning, one man carved it into a stunning dragon.

After a tree in one man’s yard was struck by lightning, it was damaged beyond repair.

Trees struck by lightning can show several symptoms and have a range of damage. In general, when lightning hits a tree, the water in the cells beneath the bark is heated and boils. Steam causes an explosion that knocks the bark off.

A continuous groove of bark stripped along the entire length of the trunk or main branch is common. A crack that does not run the length of the trunk may indicate a side flash of lightning that strikes the tree, travels down the trunk, then jumps to an object with less electrical resistance.

If lightning strikes a bit deeper into the trunk, the entire tree may blow apart, or all the bark will blow off. The tree may or may not have blackened or charred areas on the trunk. In some cases, the internal wood may be burned without obvious external symptoms. This wide range of damage is related such factors as intensity of the strike, moisture content on and in the tree, and the type and structure of the tree.

The man who lived here loved the tree and couldn’t bring himself to cut it down completely, even though it was damaged to the point of no return. He came up with an awesome idea to still be able to enjoy the tree while getting rid of the dead and burnt limbs. The tree would not survive but with the help of his chainsaw he turned this tree into something that he can now cherish forever. Take a look!

He started by taking off all the dead and unwanted limbs from the once massive tree.

He got to work with his chainsaw and carved this amazing statue right in his yard!

It looks like he used a linseed oil to coat and protect the majestic and fierce dragon protecting his castle and yard.

The statue even has its very own wizard atop a perch ready to cast spells on those who dare enter.

What an awesome way to reclaim a dead tree in your yard.

Normally this would have been turned into firewood or taken to the dump, but now he has an amazing hand-made sculpture to enjoy forever resting right in his back yard where his favorite tree once stood.