12-Year-Old Boy Donates One Million Meals to Feed Hungry


A 12-year-old from Austin, Texas has raised enough money through donations over five-year period to provide 1 million meals to the Central Texas Food Bank.

Mace Massingill began collecting donations to put towards food when he was only 7 years old. During Thanksgiving his parents suggested that family members bring donations to dinner.

His mother, Holly Mace Massingill, said that it all began with a trip to a food bank that ignited a spark in him. She explained:

“The volunteer there said, ‘Without you, 147 people wouldn’t have food’. That, in his 7-year-old mind, made it click that there are people out there that literally don’t have food in their pantry. That’s when he said ‘I can do something about that.'”

We did it!!!!!!! Thank you sooooo much to everyone who has donated over the last 5 years. This morning we hit the ONE…

Posted by Mace Massingill – Hunger Fighter on Monday, 6 January 2020

Mace started by setting a goal to raise enough money for 1,000 meals before Christmas. Amazingly, he smashed that goal by raising enough for 5,000 meals.

Following that, in 2015, he set the goal of 10,000 meals in the year, but he ended up raising over 30,000.

In 2016, he managed to raise over 200,000 meals, and every year since he has continued to raise hundreds of thousands of meals. By the end of 2019 his grand total since he started at 7 years old was 1,132,424 meals.

“The thought of people having to go hungry, not having food, having to go through daily struggles just sounds horrible to me,” Mace Massingill said.

After this phenomenal effort, Mace intends to continue his efforts into and throughout his teenage years. His mother hopes his efforts with inspire other kids to do the same. She said:

“He truly believes that kids can end hunger if they all work together. It’s really powerful to see.”

Mace has his own website where people can donate money to help buy meals for those in need. As well as this, he and his family continue to participate in fundraising events to raise money in the local community.